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Why “Accumulating Wealth” is Wrong

Last week I went to a humanist event on Human Rights. There were two speakers exploring the topic of whether human rights are universal or not. One of them was a young sociologist who argued for a relativist position. While… Continue Reading →

Soviet Migration Chaos

In many ways, Europe seems to be in a crises at the moment. Economic problems of some EU states, most importantly Greece have been constantly in the news over the past few years and no end is in side. The… Continue Reading →

The Police and the Rule of Law

Apparently, one of the major responsibilities of the state is to protect our rights against criminals. It is this responsibility that even a lot of libertarians think we cannot get rid of completely. To fulfill this responsibility, we are told,… Continue Reading →

Kill The Messenger

Today the German Government announced a ban on all naked short-selling in European public debt. German politicians make speculators responsible for the crises in the Euro zone. The political class in Europe more and more behaves like most communists regimes… Continue Reading →

What I like about gold

It is election time here in Britain and that means that the state once again is gaining control over the minds of everyone, who is only slightly interested in politics. Even a lot of libertarians are once again busy twisting… Continue Reading →

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