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A Defense of Intellectual Property

Written by Nico Metten

Intellectual property is a sensitive subject in the libertarian community. It is one of the subjects where libertarians just cannot agree what the libertarian position should be. There are a lot of very vocal opponents of the concept. While I think they have some valid arguments, their radical case against all intellectual property always failed to convince me. That is why I would like to lay down some arguments of why I continue to defend the basic concept of intellectual property. (more…)

My problem with objectivity and reason part 2

Written by Nico Metten

Last year I wrote a piece with the title ”My problem with objectivity and reason”. I had some critical feedback about this piece. The criticism could not convince me that I am wrong, but it showed that people read my thoughts with a very different understanding than I intended it to have. That is why I would like to clarify my main idea again here.

Contrary to some perception, I was not trying to proof that there cannot be an objective truth. I was only saying (more…)

A Libertarian look at what is going on in Crimea

Written by Nico Metten

Everywhere in the media, Russia is condemned for annexing Crimea. We are witnessing a huge propaganda war on both sides of this conflict in which the truth does not seem to play an important role. Like always in political situations, the world seems to become black and white. Everyone is expected to take clear sides. Once you have picked a side you are suppose to praise everything your own team does and condemn every action of the other. (more…)

Human Zoo Britain Continues

Written by Nico Metten

Last year I wrote an article entitled ‘Human Zoo Britain’ in which I criticised the total apathy of the British society concerning the horrific revaluations that came out of the leaks of Edward Snowdon. Unfortunately, the nightmare continues and gets a lot worse. Since I published my article, new revelations have shown that not only are these secret state agencies sucking up all communication’s dater they can get their hands on. They also seem to operate without any form of even minimal moral standards. (more…)

My problem with objectivity and reason

Written by Nico Metten

There seem to be a lot of truth fundamentalists in the world, people who believe that there is an objective truth for everyone and we better find out what that truth is so that everyone can live after it. Both assumptions seem to be a little bit odd to me. I used to hold both of them very strongly when I was a teenager. Since then however, I have moved away from these assumptions. Today I have serious doubts about the existence of an objective truth, other than the truth itself that there is no objective truth, at least none that we can discover. Furthermore I am quite convinced that even if there was such a truth, the importance of that truth would be much overrated. (more…)

Gary North gets it wrong on evolution

Written by Nico Metten

From a European perspective it is sometimes hard to see that there still seems to be a big debate in the US about how true the theory of evolution is. I usually ignored this debate as I though it is obvious to everyone who is intellectually honest that the opponents of evolution have no real arguments against this theory. I also do not consider this to be an important question on its one. If someone does not want to believe in evolution, what difference does it make? After all, no one is denying that we are all here now and that we have to deal with the realities surrounding us.

However, I am a passionate Libertarian. What attracts me to Libertarianism is not just the personal desire for freedom and the even more personal hatred of the state. (more…)

Lefties are smarter than Conservatives

Written by Nico Metten

In a new study, Satoshi Kanazawa from the London School of Economics found a significant correlation between Intelligence and socialistic political viewpoints as well as atheism. The more intelligent a person is, the more likely it is that he is leftwing and an atheist. Knowing some results of brain science, this result actually does not surprise me very much. But what does that mean? In our society the word “intelligence” has a very good connotation. Intelligence is a good thing, something that no one can have enough of. However, if it was a significant advantage to be intelligent than why did human kind not develop a higher average intelligence throughout evolution? The answer is probably that, while intelligence can be a very helpful thing in many situations, it also might have some disadvantages. (more…)