If anyone still believes that our democratically elected governments are morally any better than any other government the current uprising of the people in Egypt should open your eyes. Hosni Mubarak, the current dictator in Egypt has been a long ally of western governments. They need him to enforce their mostly very brutal imperial policies. While being fully aware of the horrors that his regime imposes on the locals they did not really care, as long as he served the interested of the western power elite.

But now the situation in Egypt has become so bad that the people seem to have lost their fear of the terror regime. While it is certainly true that revolutions very often do not increase the situation afterwards, as every government tends towards repressive policies, it is also true that progress can only be made when the status quo is challenged. This is happening at the moment in Egypt and thus the people there deserve the full moral support in what they are doing.

But this is not how western governments reacted. All we hear is some lip service for reforms in Egypt, just like in the decades before. But how can a dictatorial system change without getting rid of the dictator? The truth is that western governments do not want Egypt to become a more free society, as Peter Crowley clearly says in this YouTube video. It is the sixed day of the protests and up to now no western government has clearly demanded from Mubarak to leave his office. He is still referred to as the President of Egypt. If this is the official position one can only imagine how strong the support still is behind the scenes. Our corrupt governments have long lost their credibility. They are messing around with the fate of whole people for their own evil interests. Don’t let anyone tell you that western governments are fighting for freedom and human rights. The opposite is the case. They are creating misery and chaos wherever they appear, including their very own soil of course.

In Egypt we are now seeing live, why more and more people are starting to hate the west. And we will see how these policies produce an Islamic radicalisation of people. Up to know those protesters are largely secular. Protesters who started chanting slogans that Islam is the answer have been booed down. But if the west is helping the regime of Mubarak to shut down the protests, we will once again see, like so many times in the past that people will start seeing Islam as the only force able to defeat this evil. However, this of course would also be in the interest of our corrupt governments. It gives them an excuse for creating their own police state at home. Therefore, a good way of changing the world is to start changing the political landscape in the western countries.