Fox has decided to put Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show Freedom Watch on the air at the Fox Business Network. The show was already streamed on the internet for about 1 year. In this year the audience has constantly grown. That a major News Network, that is known for its cheering for the Bush regime puts a daily libertarian show on the air is a true revolution in the libertarian movement.

And the show really is nothing but 100% libertarianism. As the name suggests, it has one topic and one topic only which is the idea of individual liberty. Judge Napolitano defends the idea that rights are natural and not a gift from the government. He defends the idea that the only purpose of the government is to protect these natural rights and keep us free. He is an outspoken follower of the Austrian School of Economics. His show tries to educate people that our current government has become out of control and that something needs to be done about it. The Judge does not even bother to invite leading Anarcho-Capitalists like Lew Rockwell on a regular basis to let them explain their ideas.

That Fox is now airing this show is a clear sign that in the US, libertarian ideas are more and more becoming the mainstream. Since Ron Paul has run for President in the last election, the movement has grown to a degree that it cannot be longer ignored by the mainstream media. I am becoming increasingly optimistic about the fact that a libertarian revolution is coming soon in at least parts of the US. In a recent poll, Ron Paul even found as many supporters as President Barack Obama. The trigger for this revolution will be the upcoming bankruptcies of the western states.

Watch the Freedom Watch online here