Last year I wrote an article entitled ‘Human Zoo Britain’ in which I criticised the total apathy of the British society concerning the horrific revaluations that came out of the leaks of Edward Snowdon. Unfortunately, the nightmare continues and gets a lot worse. Since I published my article, new revelations have shown that not only are these secret state agencies sucking up all communication’s dater they can get their hands on. They also seem to operate without any form of even minimal moral standards.

According to reports by Glenn Greenwald, the GCHQ and its allies in the ‘Five Eyes’ alliance operates a unit called JTRIG (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group). The purpose of this group is not to hunt terrors, no. The purpose is to crush political opposition. This is being done by using very dirty tricks like, DDoS attacks, Viruses, honey traps and spreading false stories to destroy someone’s reputation. The latter is being done by sending out wrong emails, tweets, text messages etc. from the person’s account. In other words these agencies are not operating to keep us save from terrorism. They are operating to keep the elite save from political opposition. Opposition like the Libertarian Alliance. Well, unfortunately we still seem to be too small to be taken seriously in this context. But we have seen some US libertarians coming under attack of these types of programs. is a good example. These are the exact same tactics that also damaged Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

But if that is not enough, yesterday the Guardian reported about a leak that makes clear how morally busted this government scum is. The GCHQ has indiscriminately intercepted the private webcam images of million of yahoo users. A lot of these images contained sexual material. And of course if they could get pictures from yahoo, we can assume they also have access to other webcams. Here is the government literally looking into ordinary people’s bedrooms. People that have done nothing wrong and are not suspected of anything.

I don’t know how a state can become more total than this. Even Nazi Germany and Communist Russia had more privacy than we have today. And again, what is the reaction of the public? Move on, nothing to see here. Once again, if this apathy continues, there is no hope for the future of this society.