What a sad video of a Ron Paul speech addressing the US congress. It is not sad because he says anything wrong. Quite the contrary, I could not agree more with him. It is said, that this speech seems to be necessary at all. I cannot really believe that we have again a debate about whether the government has the right to assassinate people, to secretly imprison people, yes even to torture people or not. At least in the so called west, particularly in the English speaking world we have had this debate for many centuries. All these things have not only been debated, but have also been tested with horrible results. That is why people once abolished them. That is why the US fought its War of Independence. And now it is particularly this English speaking world that is moving faster and faster towards a totalitarian state. Not even the arguments have changed. They are as stupid as ever. That all is even more sad when we look at the reason for this debate. It only needed a single terrorist event in order for a huge amount of the people to be so brainwashed by these governments of traitors. While remaining a long time optimist, I fear there are very evil times ahead.