Today the German Government announced a ban on all naked short-selling in European public debt. German politicians make speculators responsible for the crises in the Euro zone. The political class in Europe more and more behaves like most communists regimes shortly before the system collapsed. These arrogant regimes were not unable to see that their system had failed and that nothing was able to save it. But most of them were so disconnected from reality that they were surprised when the collapse finally happened. This particular ban reminds me on a on an action that the GDR officials took when they were confronted with a problem. The problem at that time was that the number of suicides was dramatically increasing in the “working class paradise”. So the government solved that problem by simply abolishing the statistic, problem solved. Now the markets show that a few countries in the Euro zone are so bankrupted that they cannot be saved anymore. The solution of the government is to abolish the market that is delivering the bad message. But of course that does not solve anything. The fact is that the Euro as a currency and with it the project of a centralized Europe is coming to an end. That is a fact and killing the messenger will not change it.