It is election time here in Britain and that means that the state once again is gaining control over the minds of everyone, who is only slightly interested in politics. Even a lot of libertarians are once again busy twisting their minds around the question of how to behave in this state circus. What a waste of precious creative energy. There is not a single example that voting ever lastingly changed anything for good in the libertarian sense. The state grows with every election. But the minds of many libertarians are occupied with the question, how can we make our masters give us freedom. The truth is freedom was never given to anyone in history. Freedom needs to be taken. Instead of putting any hope in the political process libertarians should develop strategies outside of the political system.

One strategy is to buy gold. And I mean not just to buy gold because it might be a good investment. No, one should buy gold as a declaration of independence from the state run economic system, because that is what gold really is. It is something that the state does not have under its control. It is the ultimate anonymous cash that allows everyone to be its own central bank. That is why the state hates and fears gold. As soon as everyone would turn their minds away from the big brainwash of the general elections and would simply turn their backs on politics, all politicians would go to hell. Let us start to send them to hell by buying some gold.