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A Libertarian look at what is going on in Crimea

Everywhere in the media, Russia is condemned for annexing Crimea. We are witnessing a huge propaganda war on both sides of this conflict in which the truth does not seem to play an important role. Like always in political situations,… Continue Reading →

Human Zoo Britain Continues

Last year I wrote an article entitled ‘Human Zoo Britain’ in which I criticised the total apathy of the British society concerning the horrific revaluations that came out of the leaks of Edward Snowdon. Unfortunately, the nightmare continues and gets… Continue Reading →

Human Zoo Britain

Seriously, what am I complaining about? No one forces me to live in Britain. I came voluntarily 5 years ago. I came because I was deeply fed up with the political system in Germany. Germany is a country in which… Continue Reading →

Why Britain should have joined the Euro and abolish the Pound

While the bankruptcy of Greece is now more and more apparent even to those who believed that states cannot go bankrupt, the Euro as a currency is seen in a more and more critical light. Even a lot of people… Continue Reading →

Freedom Watch goes on the air

Fox has decided to put Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show Freedom Watch on the air at the Fox Business Network. The show was already streamed on the internet for about 1 year. In this year the audience has constantly grown. That… Continue Reading →

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