2020 is finally coming to an end. Needless to say, it has not been a good year. It was the year in which science finally turned from a great method to a dogmatic cult. Science was once all about seeking truth through ruthless questioning and testing. Now, anyone who dares to ask questions about “the science” is screamed down by the cultists.

Although science is all about being critical, it is not about subjective opinions. The goal is to describe an objective reality. That is why it is useful for authoritarians to label, what really is politics, as science. That way, everyone who criticises their policies is an irrational nutter. What a great way to shut down dissent. This evil trick sets us back to pre enlightenment times. All of this has been in the making for decades. I have warned about it many times. And now at last, the cult has managed to get in complete control of society.

Maybe if there is a god, he can forgive the people responsible for the lockdowns. I can’t and I won’t. Their decisions have caused gigantic sufferings on a scale not seen in this century. They have destroyed so many millions of lives and even whole societies. Yet, there is no evidence that they have saved one single life with all of this. It is amazing what a limited and selected amount of compassion lockdown supporters are capable of.
Back in March, one could have still argued our leaders were acting in good faith. Evil often comes from good intentions. That is difficult to argue now though. People who ruthlessly and systematically censor and slander opposing opinions, even if these opinions come from the biggest real scientific experts in their field, are not acting in good faith. They are trying desperately to hide their wrongdoings to keep the scam going. The WHO has now even changed the definition of herd immunity as only resulting from vaccinations, a truly Orwellian move.

And before anyone wants to argue that I am delusional to think this virus is not that bad, please explain to me one thing: Why are there a number of countries, who decided to do essentially nothing, and are not experiencing anything unusual? We do not see mountains of dead in Sweden, Egypt, Tanzania, Belarus or Thailand, to name just a few. How is that possible?

There is absolutely no data that suggests we are dealing with an unusual killer virus, absolutely zero. In an average year, about 600 000 people die in the UK. That means on an average day about 1600 pass away in this country. Where is the data that the UK, or any other country, is seeing deaths significantly above normal this year due to the virus?

Every single data point we have tells us that we are at worst dealing with a slightly more lethal virus than seasonal flu. The control groups proof that beyond any reasonable doubt. And don’t give me “I know X who suffered terribly” etc. Please do not embarrass yourself. Learn how to make an argument first. If I say that women are smaller than men, it does not constitute an argument to say that my cousin Susan is 6ft2. Yes, of course there are individuals badly affected by Covid, and yes of course that is tragic. But individual cases do not say anything about the scale. And the scale is what matters, as there are always dangerous diseases going around. That is not news.

Non of that, of course is even relevant for the absurdity of lockdowns as a strategy. It does not matter how deadly this virus is. Even if it was Ebola with a 80% fatality rate, that would still not make lockdowns a sensible strategy. It makes no sense to have one risk assessment for everyone in the country. People would be careful on their own without government orders. Central planning is always the wrong strategy to solve problems.

It will be difficult to get out of the tyranny of the cultist. Cults die slowly, but they die! Let us hope that 2021 is the beginning of something better. We need to go back to a world, in which reality counts for something, and which is not governed by superstitious emotional drivel. If we cannot manage to go back to that, our civilisation is finished.

I wrote this article below back in the middle of the first lockdown. You know, the “just 3 weeks to flatten the curve” one that didn’t flatten anything, but businesses and happiness. So I don’t mean the “circuit breaker to safe Christmas” one that didn’t safe Christmas. The article still holds up pretty well. The only mistake I made was to overestimate the government.